LOURIM Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

Research Strategy and research themes

The strategy for the research at LouRIM has been elaborated around topical coherence and methodological specialization. By topical coherence, we refer to the definition of research themes that all refer to different aspects, positive, normative or interpretative, of managerial actions within firms, organizations or markets, including their role and behavior toward non- market stakeholders and the society in general.
The research focuses on processes and functions that are of interest to managerial decision-makers and can be interpreted to some extent in applied contexts. As management in general is intrinsically multi-disciplinary, the research in LouRIM invites and promotes collaboration between complementary paradigms to address the specific questions, forming the basis for the openness of the LouRIM research foundation. In the same time, excellence in research is strengthened when researchers can also participate in and draw on a communities of similar paradigms, offering a critical mass to pursue projects published in disciplinary journals of high quality and to offer advanced courses in the doctoral programme. This concentration is possible through strong interactions with related disciplinary research groups and institutes within and outside of the institute. This means that the LouRIM researcher potentially performs a double role in contributing both to applied and theoretical projects, to the benefit of all parties. This interaction forms the basis for the dynamics within the institute, where disciplinary excellence is seen as a mean of success also to interdisciplinary effectiveness. The orientation ensures consistency with high quality doctoral training and increases the market value of our doctoral candidates.