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Almost every month, the Orientation and Career Centre (CIO) organises six workshops for students and graduates to optimise their job search (via an individual review, career goals, job market research, CVs and cover letters, interview help and using LinkedIn).

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Faculty employment services also have initiatives.

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Personalised support and service

  • Faculty advisers can provide contacts in the job market that corresponds to the degree.
  • At the CIO, via interviews with future graduates, career advisers facilitate employment searches, using a comprehensive approach centred on the individual (review of skills and career goals) as well as on their broad knowledge of the job market.

Online advice and FAQs

  • CIO webpages provide immediate answers to most questions posed by future graduates regarding their job search and early career approaches.


UCL offers future graduates several career resources.

1. The future graduate’s faculty employment service can provide:

  • methodological works to consult on site or borrow;
  • employment and internship offers;
  • lists of websites;
  • specialised magazines;
  • award and scholarship information.

2. The CIO’s Resource Centre is dedicated to employment searches and organised into the following sections:

  • Advice and tools: CVs, cover letters, interviews, assessments, company creation, guidance for teachers, etc.
  • Directories and organisations: Who’s Who of the European Union and the Belgian Federal Government, recruiting agencies, the top 30,000 companies that recruit, etc.
  • Sectors and jobs: consulting, overseas development, sustainable development, environment, research and development, etc.
  • Trade publications: magazines and newspapers, RH Tribune, Dynamisme Wallon, Le ligueur, Référence, Vacature, etc.
  • Employment and PhD.

The CIO Resource Centre is open to the public Monday through Thursday from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm (rue Paulin Ladeuze, 3, 1348 Louvain-la-Neuve; next to the Grand Place).

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