Would you like to volunteer at UCL?

Contact the department for which you would like to volunteer. The department will then request authorisation from the Personnel Department for a maximum renewable period of one year.

Understand what it means to volunteer: it is legally defined (per the 3 July 2005 law on the rights of volunteers) as an activity performed:

  • without remuneration or obligation;
  • on behalf of others;
  • for an organisation other than the volunteer’s family or personal context;
  • for neither the same task for which, nor the same employer with whom, the volunteer has an employment contract.

The volunteer carries out administrative, technical or manual duties which are not those of a salaried post.

As a general rule, anyone can volunteer.

However, persons categorised as follows have to complete certain formalities before they can volunteer:


To do


Individuals receiving unemployment or integration benefits

Request authorisation from ONEm

Form C45B

Incapacitated workers

Request authorisation from insurance provider medical advisor

Request form

Social assistance recipients

Notify social worker


Asylum seekers

Notify case worker