IT service access

Access to the university’s IT services is granted according to your UCL identity and user profile (staff member, student, alumni, hospital employee, library user, etc.).

A ‘UCL global user account’ is created for each new registrant and accessible via a user name and password. The account is activated online (see ‘Activate your global account’). Students have the option of activating their account using a computer in UCL computer labs.

For more information on valid passwords, see ‘Password’.

This account remains active until contract end for staff, until academic year end for students (30 October), and for life for emeritus faculty.

Access to buildings, classrooms, car parks and libraries requires a smart card with the holder’s photo, full name and FGS number.

Where to go to obtain a global user account and UCL access card:

• students: Enrolment Office;

• staff: Personnel Department;

• library users: the library in question.

Non-UCL visitors

If your university is a partner in the Eduroam project, you can connect to the ‘eduroam’ Wi-Fi network with your user name and password. See Wifi-eduroam.

If you are a visitor, conference attendee or delegate, contact your event’s organiser to find out if temporary Wi-Fi access is possible. Wi-Fi configuration guides are also available.

Contacting UCL staff

The university directory lists staff email addresses and phone numbers.

Email attachments greater than 5 MB cannot be accepted; instead, use TRANSVOL.

Problems or questions? Contact the Service Desk.