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UCLouvain - Marque - Valeurs, Vision, Missions


Since 1425, UCLouvain students, researchers and professors have expanded the limits of knowledge and addressed society’s challenges through the relentless pursuit of quality research.

An authoritative force in an uncertain world, UCLouvain promotes access to quality education for all. Innovation is the common thread of its education and research activities. University research imparts nuance and perspective to a world often blinded by the here and now.

While internationally renowned, UCLouvain remains firmly rooted in its local community. Its involvement in regional development and its international influence are mutually reinforcing.

In September 2021, the UCLouvain community designed and adopted the Horizon 600 Strategic Plan. Both specific and wide-ranging, it responds to the university community’s needs and invites every one of its members to get involved. It also mobilises numerous local, regional, national, European and international partnerships.

The plan is deployed through five priority action plans:

  • student support;
  • quality of life and well-being at work;
  • internationalisation;
  • economic, ecological and social transition;
  • open education and open science.


Through the Horizon 600 Strategic Plan four strategic orientations ensure a university that is:

  • open;
  • innovative;
  • collaborative;
  • and socially committed.

Faculty members enjoy academic freedom as enshrined in the Belgian Constitution : they are free to search for truth by establishing facts scientifically, without being impeded by prevailing standards.

UCLouvain is a cosmopolitan, intellectual and friendly community whose diversity stimulates exchanges between people of different backgrounds and with the wider world, in a spirit of thoughtful discussion and mutual enrichment.

The Christian tradition, which UCLouvain shares with KU Leuven, is a living heritage and the driving force behind an authentic pluralism aimed at benefitting and respecting all persons regardless of their personal convictions.

Three missions 


UCLouvain aims to enable secondary school graduates, working professionals, and anyone else who so wishes to acquire knowledge and skills that fuel their personal and professional development.

To guarantee quality education, pedagogical innovation is closely linked to the development and updating of course programmes.


Mission de recherche

As a research university , recognised for the excellence of its contributions to the development and transmission of knowledge, UCLouvain is part of an international community.

UCLouvain fosters an environment that is conducive to scientific creativity, research and development activities, and to a balance between the functions of researcher and educator.


Serving Society

Mission de service à la société

UCLouvain contributes to the development of a society that ensures the well-being of all citizens, through:

  • its seven locations in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and two university hospitals;
  • the impact of its research and education activities;
  • its alumni network;
  • the creation of spin-offs;
  • the development of science parks and incubators;
  • development cooperation.