Office of the Rector


The Rector's Office supports the Rector and the rectoral council in the accomplishment of their missions and in the development of UCLouvain's policy, both internally and externally.

It acts in the following areas:

  • education and training
  • research
  • national and international institutional relations
  • the management of the institution

The Office prepares and follows up the files:

  • of the rectoral council
  • of the academic council and the executive board
  • of external bodies: CRef, ARES, FNRS, Pôles, etc.

The Office assists the rectoral council in the management of the individual files of the members of the academic body. It performs a specific administrative function for the execution and follow-up of procedures concerning :

  • the academic framework
  • the allocation of teaching expenses

The Office offers support in the analysis, reflection and examination of cases; it participates in working groups on specific projects and in the work of numerous university bodies.

The Rector's Office carries out its mission in close collaboration with the general services concerned and with the legal advisors of the UCLouvain, in particular through the group of lawyers. It also maintains close relations with the faculties and institutes.


Head of Staff

Project managers

  • Mrs Emilie Vilcot in charge of missions to the Vice-Rector for Staff Policy and sector Vice-Rectors, Secretary of the Academic Council and the Executive Office
  • Mrs Cécile Lion in charge of academic files and procedures

Assistant to the Rector

Secrétariat des Vice- et prorecteurs

  • Mrs Pavana Devick, assistants to the sector Vice-Rectors and to the mission Pro-rectors

Logistics Staff

Reception of delegations and visits


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