Our talented future graduates are waiting for you. UCL offers several ways for you to get to know them:


Post job offers

Your private online space (after registration) allows you to post and manage your job offers. They are categorised by field and, after validation, can be viewed by students and alumni via field-based searches.


Contact a faculty employment adviser

Faculty employment advisers are available. Contact one.


Present your business or organisation

Participate in a ‘job day’ or an employment information lunch. Such activities are often organised by applied sciences, law and management faculties. They’re open to all and attended by interested graduates.

For organisational arrangements, contact the relevant faculty employment service.


Establish an internship partnership

  • Reinforce your project teams.
  • Increase your sector’s and your jobs’ visibility.
  • Share your expertise and passion.
  • Participate in developing the professional skills of future graduates.

Internship coordinators and supervisors will be delighted to include you in their partner networks.

The ‘UCL internships’ page lists objectives, types and offers according to field.