Aarhus University and UCLouvain get acquainted

Circle U. universities are getting acquainted as part of building their European university project. A large delegation from the Aarhus University (AU) visited UCLouvain Friday 6 March.

AU Director Arnold Boon led his university’s managers of main departments: student affairs, research, finance, human resources, IT, etc. Director General Dominique Opfergelt led UCLouvain directors and administrators. The meeting’s objective was above all to compare the operations of the two universities and make the most of one another’s good practices.

Much of the visit consisted of small group meetings concerning shared themes. The exchanges also touched on broader subjects such as administrative centralisation (or decentralisation), internationalisation challenges, student mobility, and recruitment. On all these subjects, the two universities openly shared their successes and difficulties.

Other meetings between Circle U universities are expected to take place in the coming months.




Published on March 10, 2020