Online course platforms

An online course platform is a tool deployed on the Web that allows professors to create online work spaces related to their course and reserved for their students.

Professors and students connect to the platform via their UCL global account username and password.

Once they are logged in, professors can create course spaces, add new course content or activities and monitor student activity.

When students log in, they can register for classes, consult content posted by their professors and carry out assigned activities. Students cannot modify content posted by professors.

Over the years, as needs have evolved, several online platforms have been deployed at UCL:

  • MoodleUCL is UCL’s main platform, based on Moodle open source software.
  • UCLine is based on Moodle open source software and was configured especially for distance and lifelong learning.
  • Student Corner is the platform used by the Mons campus and is also based on Moodle software.

In 2014, UCL launched massive open online courses (MOOCs) via external platforms.

Additional tools

Plagiarism detection software

Since 2010, UCL has used Compilatio plagiarism detection software. It allows professors to analyse student work and compare it to online resources and the Compilatio data base. It is integrated with the work submission tool for online platforms and can also be used via external interface. Setting up this tool is part of a general approach to building UCL student awareness of plagiarism.

More information on plagiarism.

Podcast@UCL video streaming service

In recent years, professors have been able to easily integrate video into their online courses. They can broadcast videos using the Podcast@UCL video streaming service. This service is not accessible to students.


On the Woluwe site, an automatic recording system has been installed. Students can access videos recorded via the Woluwe video streaming service: Podicampus.


Some professors experiment using eportfolio@UCL, which offers students a space where they can store what they have learned. It is linked to online course platforms for easy transfer and storage in in eportfolio.