ScienceToday: UCL research for a worldwide audience

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ScienceToday: UCL research for a worldwide audience

Cutting-edge science for a mainstream audience: that’s what ScienceToday, UCL’s new website, aims to deliver. ScienceToday tells the exciting story of current UCL research one topic, one discovery, one adventure at a time, in a way that a broad, enquiring readership can appreciate. Through engrossing articles, videos and photographs, ScienceToday provides an intimate understanding of the research conducted by UCL experts, its context and its implications for the future. Disseminating the fruit of research beyond the confines of academia feeds curiosity, fuels necessary debate and informs decisions crucial to meeting society’s present and future challenges. Don’t wait till tomorrow – visit ScienceToday!


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CONTACT : Jean-Christophe Renauld, UCL Pro-Rector for Research, mobile on request




Published on March 30, 2017