As a professor or programme manager, you can – incrementally during the programme – stimulate awareness and examination that ultimately help your students develop their career plans. Examples and resource information are offered.


Prepare your students for their future careers.

Harness the catalysts of students’ personal and professional growth as they pursue their education.

Through the Educational Development Fund, a project has shed light on the specific educational dynamics in master’s programmes that help students prepare for their future careers. The experiences of some 30 professors helped enrich and validate these educational dynamics.

  • Learn about the design of such catalysts.
  • Podcasts (conferences, testimonials) are available on IPM TV.
  • Learn about an April 2012 training.


If you arrange internships within your faculty, join the IPM 2.0 Network!

Share your experiences, questions and resources regarding organising, supporting and evaluating university internships.

Professors and administrative coordinators discuss and exchange resources in the ‘Internships group’.

Internship research, agreements, and evaluation and international internships are discussed.

This virtual group also meets face-to-face a few times a year to organise events such as:

  • exchange of best practices in 2009;
  • the training session ‘Les stages : de l'expérience à l'apprentissage’ in 2011.

Join this group by contacting Pascal Warnier or Denis Smidts.

Also read the UCL webpages on internships.



Take advantage of our services:

  • Orientation and Career Centre (CIO);
    • expert panel moderation;
    • job search strategy awareness-building;
    • selling skills acquired in the classroom;
    • designing a faculty plan for transitioning to professional life.
    • => more information
  • University Education and Multimedia Institute (IPM);
    • organise an exchange of best practices among professors;
    • stimulate students to prepare themselves for their careers;
    • teacher guidance and support.