TRANSVOL: Large file transfer service

Sending large files via email attachment can disrupt and even block email servers. Although there is no precise technical limit, one is nevertheless defined by Internet access or service providers. At UCL, all files greater than 5 MB are considered large.

If you wish to send a file larger than 5 MB to a UCL email address, use TRANSVOL.

Via TRANSVOL, you upload your file to a secure UCL server and add a message to the addressee, who must have a UCL email address. The addressee will receive your message as well as instructions on how to download the file by clicking a link in the email.

Current terms and conditions:

  • the file is saved for 14 days;
  • maximise file size is 4 GB;
  • if you want to send your message to several people, separate addresses with a comma;
  • sending in https is also possible to ensure complete confidentiality.

Access to the English version of TRANSVOL here.