Assess your English level

ILV Bruxelles Woluwe, Charleroi, Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

B2? C1? Would you like to know what your English level is?

  • Check out the Europass Self-Assessment Grid based on the official CEFR language levels (Common European Framework of Reference) and get a better understanding of what they are.
  • Or take the online evaluation test at  after you sign up for free (use any postal code in Wallonia, e.g. 1348) This test will mostly assess receptive skills, so it will  likely give you a result that's slightly above your actual level.

If you'd like some feedback on your spoken English, some pointers on how to progress,  and/or if you'd like us to come and observe your classroom please Contact us!

We're also happy to proofread your course notes for you or to recommend professionals who can proofread your research articles.