Chaire Francqui 2021-2022 : Nicole Van Lipzig


Professor in geography of KU Leuven

Nicole van Lipzig heads the division of Geography and has lead Leuven Sustainable Earth, which is the expertise centre on sustainability research at KU Leuven. She is a world-leading geographer and earth system scientist    particularly interested in climate impacts, climate extremes, wind energy, and urban and polar climate. In the past fifteen years, Prof. Van Lipzig coordinated fundamental research projects in Europe and Antarctica, and spearheaded research on land use change and urbanisation impacts on local climate in economically-developing regions in Subsaharan Africa. In her recent work, she initiated innovative geographic research on the combined effects of the climate and the weather on the efficacy of renewable energy resources like offshore wind farms.

She has (co)authored more than 110 scientific publications, resulting in more than 5600 citations (Scopus). Over the last 15 years, she was an esteemed keynote speaker in more than 30 international conferences. Besides fundamental research, she supports comprehensive initiatives on environmental sustainability and climate change, and provided more than 60 outreach presentations for stakeholders and the general public.