INGI Lunchtime Seminars take place about twice a month and they address various topics related to computing sciences.

They are open to everyone,  no registration is required : come and have a seat! Sandwiches and drinks are usually provided.  

An announcement is sent one week before the seminar to the mailing list, which includes (but not limited to) all the ICTEAM members. A reminder is sent the day of the seminar to the INGI members only (

You are not an ICTEAM member, please send an email to The subject line should be "subscribe seminar-ingi yourfirstname yourlastname" 


INGI Seminar

Introducing example projects on visualization by Juhee Bae, lecturer at University of Skövde, Sweden. Visual analytics contains multidisciplinary subjects (“visualization, data mining,...

ICTEAM - Public Thesis defense

Principled Procedural Parsing by Nicolas LAURENT Pour l’obtention du grade de Docteur en sciences de l’ingénieur et technologie Parsing is the process of analysing an input string in...