INGI Lunchtime Seminars take place about twice a month and they address various topics related to computing sciences.

They are open to everyone,  no registration is required : come and have a seat! Sandwiches and drinks are usually provided.  

An announcement is sent one week before the seminar to the mailing list, which includes (but not limited to) all the ICTEAM members. A reminder is sent the day of the seminar to the INGI members only (

You are not an ICTEAM member, please send an email to The subject line should be "subscribe seminar-ingi yourfirstname yourlastname" 


INGI Seminar

How to (not) use an autograder: lessons learned after 5 years using INGInious by Guillaume Derval, researcher at UCLouvain Autograding code exercises is a difficult task. Most of us...

Industrial Seminar

Enterprise Architecture by Yves Rombauts, Deloitte IT Architecture is one of the key disciplines that support a coherent and consistent approach to delivery of IT capabilities. IT...

Industrial Seminar

How to build a cognitive Chatbot with Watson by Stéphane  Massonet, IBM With the growth of AI, we have witnessed the widespread of cognitive services that are becoming more and more...