Name Keywords UCLouvain's directory Personal website
Barbette Tom  Network functions virtualization; high speed networking;programmable network; P4-SmartNIC; disaggregated data centers; Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) UCLouvain's directory                                  
Bonaventure Olivier  Internet protocols; routing; transport protocol; Internet measurements UCLouvain's directory Personal website
Deville Yves  AI; system optimisation UCLouvain's directory  
Dupont Pierre  Machine learning; computational biology; biostatistics UCLouvain's directory  
Jodogne Sébastien       Medical imaging; Health informatics; Healthcare interoperability; Deep learning and federated learning; Computer vision and industrial imaging; Natural language processing UCLouvain's directory Personal website
Legay Axel  Cybersecurity; applied AI; data protection UCLouvain's directory  
Mens Kim  Software development tools; software maintenance; software evolution; programming languages; context-oriented programming; source code analysis; source code mining; computer science education UCLouvain's directory  
Nijssen Siegfried AI; Decision tree; system optimisation; explainable AI; neurosymbolic AI UCLouvain's directory Personal website
Pecheur Charles  Model checking; verification UCLouvain's directory  
Pelser Cristel  Internet routing; internet measurements; security (routing security); privacy; cyber physical systems; embedded system UCLouvain's directory  
Piette Eric Game AI; General Game Playing; Ludii; Machine Learning; Knowledge Representation; Constraint Programming UCLouvain's directory Personal website
Rivière Etienne  Distributed systems; cloud computing; middleware; dependability; system security & privacy UCLouvain's directory Personal website
Sadre Ramin  IoT security;industrial control system security;network security;intrusion and anomaly detection; performance analysis UCLouvain's directory Personal website
Schaus Pierre  AI; Optimization; Constraint programming; Algorithms; Scheduling; Vehicle Routing; Machine Learning UCLouvain's directory Personal website
Van Roy Peter  Constraint programming; music; IoT UCLouvain's directory