ASM-Molecular Structural Analysis

This Technology Platform unites 3 complementary techniques and the know-how that permits structural characterization of small molecules as well as macromolecular systems, namely
Single crystal X-ray diffraction (XRD),
Liquid–state Nuclear Magnetic resonance (NMR) and
Mass Spectrometry (MS).

Our highly qualified team is at hand to find the best possible technique (or combination of techniques) to address the researchers’ problems.


Postal address

Université catholique de Louvain
Institut de la Matière Condensée et des Nanosciences (IMCN)
Analyse Structurale et Moléculaire (ASM)
Bâtiment Lavoisier
1 Place L. Pasteur BP L4.01.04
1348 Louvain-la-Neuve

How to reach us?

 Head of the platform: Koen Robeyns

 Dr  Koen Robeyns  Room b138  +32(0)10 47 2770
Nuclar Magnetic Resonance
 Dr  Room b068  +32(0)10 47 9092  
 M. Alain Jancart  Room b066  +32(0)10 47 8182
Mass spectrometry
 Ing Raoul Rozenberg  Room b005  +32(0)10 47 2927