Research divisions

The institute consists of three research divisions (BSMA, MOST, NAPS), which represent the major trends of research groups included in the institute. These research divisions help to bring laboratories linked to different faculties around a research theme consistently developed in the institute.

Bio- and Soft Matter (BSMA)

  • Surfaces and (bio)interfaces

  • Nano-Materials & Nano-Devices

  • Macromolecules & Polymer-Based Materials

Modelling (MODL) (under construction)


Molecular Chemistry, Materials and Catalysis (MOST)

  • Solid catalysis

  • Chemistry of inorganic and organic materials

  • Organic, bio-organic and medicinal chemistry

  • Theoretical, physical and structural chemistry.

Nanoscopic Physics (NAPS)

  • Atomic, molecular and optical physics

  • Physico-chemistry and physics of materials and nanostructures