MICA - MIcroscopic ChAracterization of functional and nanostructured materials


This advanced technological platform of the Institute of Condensed Matter and Nanosciences serves a large community of users interested by microscopy characterization tools mainly in the context of materials science, chemistry, solid-state physics, and (bio)nanotechnology, although other disciplinary fields are certainly welcome.


MICA provides advice and access to state-of-the-art equipment in scanning probe microscopy, electron microscopy, light microscopy and anciliary sample preparation.  It also includes a set of spectroscopic micro-characterization tools.

If you are a scientist interested in getting access to one (or more) of these tools, belonging either to UCLouvain, another higher education institution, or a company, MICA is open to you, with financial conditions depending on your status. In most cases, you will be first required to receive a technical training, before being allowed to work on your own. MICA also offers on-demand characterization services to external users, typically industrial companies.

Conditions of access to MICA, and financial conditions of use, are specific to each category of user; they can be obtained by contacting the person in charge of the platform or on the website of the MICA TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM.