Technical workshops and a chemicals store also provide services to the members of the institute and of the university.

Electromechanic workshop

Mechanical workshop

Glass-blowing workshop

You can request the manufacture, transformation or repair of your laboratory glass instruments.

Michaël JONCKMAN (Lavoisier building) can also advise you regarding the purchase of laboratory glass via the Lavoisier store

BSMA Technical Management Team (Boltzmann)

This team provides logistical management and technical support for off-platform research equipment

  • Cécile D'HAESE, Delphine MAGNIN, Naïma SALLEM and Pascal VAN VELTHEM
  • Contact

Lavoisier chemicals store

  • Christophe MORILLA, Lavoisier building (A.028)
  • Many other instruments, tools and simulation softwares are available at the level of the research divisions of IMCN. See the research division pages for more information