2021 Best IMCN Thesis Award


Jiande WANG has received the 2021 IMCN Best Thesis Award on 25 May 2022.

His work was entitled "High voltage organic positive electrode materials for alkali-ion batteries"

This Prize, which is granted yearly by the IMCN Institute, rewards the most outstanding PhD work among those who graduated during the previous civil year (2021 in the present case).

A selection Committee chaired by Prof. Xavier GONZE and composed of one member per pole noticed the high quantity and quality of research carried out by Jiande, as well as his communication skills at various levels (conferences, publications, PhD defense). This initiative aims at promoting excellence in scientific research within the Institute.


The quest for green and sustainable energy storage systems has brought about the need for a material system that can satisfy the following requirements: low cost of production, environmental benignity, flexibility, redox stability, renewability and structural diversity. Interestingly, organic batteries have been identified as potential candidates to proffer solutions to the above-mentioned challenges. One of the major challenges of organic battery is the lack of suitable positive electrode materials that can fulfil the requirements of conventional Li-ion batteries: Li-containing and air-stable. The thesis mainly developed two new organic Li-ion cathode chemistries, which are the conjugated sulfonamides and the conjugated oximates. The proposed organic cathode chemistries show high redox potential (> 3V vs. Li+/Li), good air-stability (oxygen and moisture stable), as well as excellent cycling performance as positive electrode materials in Li-ion batteries.

Published on July 08, 2022