3D micro-supercapacitors based on nanowire networks



In a recent publication*, a multidisciplinary team from IMCN (groups of Alexandru Vlad and Luc Piraux) have demonstrated a large footprint areal capacitance/energy enhancement in microsupercapacitors based on 3D nanoarchitectured electrodes. This result was obtained in microscale energy storage devices based on template-assisted electrodeposition of three-dimensionally interconnected metallic nanowire network, and its subsequent laser-patterning to form interdigitated nanostructured electrodes. The patterned nanowire networks were functionalized with the polyaniline active electrode material via an electroless deposition procedure

* J. Omale, R. Rupp, P. Van Velthem, V. Van Kerckhoven, V. A. Antohe, A. Vlad and L. Piraux, Energy Storage Materials https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ensm.2019.05.025


Published on January 21, 2020