Band-Gap Landscape Engineering in Large-Scale 2D Semiconductor van der Waals Heterostructures


The CNRS-Thales team in Paris and the MODL group at IMCN (UCLouvain) have recently reported on vertical tunneling device based on 2D WS2/WSe2 large-scale layers and discuss the clear signature of electronic transport controlled by the quantum well configuration with ab initio calculations in support. The flexibility of the present growth approach, with multilayer stacks being built in a single run, allows for the definition of complex 2D heterostructures barely accessible with usual exfoliation or transfer techniques of 2D materials. Reminiscent of the III−V semiconductors’ successful exploitation, our approach unlocks virtually infinite combinations of large 2D material families in any complex van der Waals heterostructure design. Reference : V. Zatko, Simon M.-M. Dubois, F. Godel, C. Carrétéro, A. Sander, S. Collin, M. Galbiati, J. Peiro, F. Panciera, G. Patriarche, P. Brus, B. Servet, J.-C. Charlier, M.-B. Martin, B. Dlubak, and P. Seneor, ACS Nano 15, 7279-7289 (2021).

Published on May 04, 2021