Webinar Batteries - SRC jeunes - 7 April 2021


"Positioning organic electrode materials in the battery landscape – A credible alternative towards eco-friendly batteries"

given by Alae Eddine Lakraychi from UCLouvain.

The webinar will take place on the 7th of April at 5.00 pm.

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Our modern society has witnessed an unprecedented improvement with the rise of consumer electronics and electric vehicles. But this comes at the price of an unprecedented demand of energy, especially electrical energy, which is expected to be more amplified with the emergence of innovative physical assets such as Internet of Thing, robotics and other autonomous connected devices. Today, Li-ion batteries are the main power source to fuel all this technological sector with already billions of battery cells sold every year. Unfortunately, scarce transition metals (e.g., Co) coupled with high-energy consuming processes are at the core of the manufacturing chain of commercialized Li-ion batteries, putting thus a serious question mark over the cost and the environmental footprint.

Thanks to their naturally abundant elements (C, H, N, O and S), real possibility of being generated from renewable resources (biomass) and ease of recycling, organic electrode materials (OEMs) promise a credible alternative towards low cost and eco-friendly energy storage systems. Since 2008, OEMs enjoyed a speedy development with already a plethora of organic molecules and architectures ready-to-be integrated in organic battery cells. In this webinar, we will learn about the molecular and device parameters governing the implementation of OEMs. We will also cover the possible battery configurations for OEMs, the pros and cons of each configuration as well as the advances and challenges.