In situ tests in X ray tomography by Dr. Eric Maire (INSA Lyon)


February 23, 2022



Auditorium BARB92

X ray Computed Tomography has emerged 20 years ago in materials science and mechanics. For the first time, it provided non destructive 3D reconstruction of the microstructre of materials and systems in a nearly routine way. Because it is non destructive, we have used it rapidly in our group to observe the in situ deformation and evolution of materials under load (mechanical, thermal or electrical load).

The present lecture will briefly present the basics of the method and the way the results can be processed and analysed using particule tracking, microstructurally faithful modelling and/or Digital Volume correlation. The examples will be selected in everyday-life : mechanics of cables, setting of plaster and in situ indentation of plaster boards, electrical cycling of batteries...


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