X-ray phase-contrast solutions for compact and cost-effective tomographic imaging in the lab: from carbon-fibre composites to soft tissue by Prof. Marco Endrizzi (University College London)


July 03, 2023



Place Sainte Barbe, auditorium BARB93

X-ray phase contrast imaging techniques extend the unique capabilities of hard X-ray radiation to probe the internal structure of opaque samples to all those cases where attenuation is not generating sufficient contrast. Notable examples include applications across disciplines encompassing medicine, biology and engineering: soft tissues and carbon-fibre composite materials, for example, are both composed by low-atomic number elements and tend to exhibit little contrast with conventional X-ray imaging approaches. I will present a selection of the imaging methods under constant development at the Advanced X-ray Imaging group, University College London, and report on the ongoing efforts for making those techniques openly available to industry and the research community through the National Research Facility for X-ray Tomography.

Speaker: Marco Endrizzi, Department of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, University College London


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