Electrical Energy and Power Systems


Emmanuel De Jaeger 

In the context of the ongoing evolution of electrical energy systems (i.e. electricity demand evolution, increase of electricity generation from renewable energy sources, needs for energy storage systems, smart grids etc.) this research field combines competences in various disciplines such as electromechanical devices, power electronics, electrical power systems planning, analysis, and control. We focus our activities on developing technically suited models - also integrating economic aspects - and tackling selected problems.

The major actual research topics are the planning of active autonomous electricity distribution grids, the dynamic behavior and control of micro-grids, the exploitation of the electrical loads and distributed energy resources flexibility potential and its impact on the power grids operation. Focused technical issues related to these themes are also investigated: the management of Power Quality (and, more specifically, the detailed study of high frequency conducted disturbances), and the dynamic behavior analysis and control of power grids incorporating lots of power electronics converters interfaces.