Teaching and learning


The iMMC proposes several teaching activities related to railway systems: dedicated lectures, student projects, master thesis, etc.

Lectures and courses

The Vehicle Dynamics course is dedicated to the dynamics behavior of rail and road vehicle. It covers many aspects of railway specific dynamics such as the wheel/rail contact (Kalker theory, etc), the suspension elements, etc. The course is composed of both plenary lectures and industrial seminars. Students have to realize a small project in the field of rail or road dynamics or a seminar on a proposed theme.

Of course, many fundamental aspects are also covered in more general courses such as:

  • Machine kinematics and dynamics
  • Mechanics of articulated systems
  • Modeling and simulation project
  • ...

Student projects and master thesis

Students have the opportunity to realize applied projects in the field of railway dynamics. Those projects are most of the time related to to industrial concerns such as:

  • Modeling of a tyre-metro passing through switches
  • Pneumatic suspension modeling
  • Failure mode analysis of a metro pneumatic suspension
  • Wheel/rail contact modeling
  • ...