Composition, timetable, evaluation criteria

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The Ethics Committee is composed of at least four effective members appointed by the Bureau of the Institute for a four-year renewable term. The Commission appoints a President from among its full members. It is supported by the Institute's logistics, which includes correspondence, minutes of meetings, archival preservation and website maintenance. It may add a variable number of members depending on their competence, possibly members from outside the Institute. The Commission may invite any person necessary for the performance of its tasks.

Currently, the Ethics Committee is composed as follows:
Stefan Agrigoroaei, Magali Clobert, Nadine Fraselle (secretary), Valérie Goffaux, Michaël Parmentier, Jean-Marc Hausman (SSH/JURI), Pascaline Van Oost, Nicolas Vermeulen (president)

The commission meets once a month, except in July and August.
The evaluation criteria comply with the rules on the protection of research participants (Belmont report:

These rules are based on three basic principles:
- Respect for people, their autonomy and dignity
- Well-being of participants
- Justice: equal treatment

In practice, these rules imply:
- Free and informed consent to participation
- Assessment of risks and benefits for the participant or society
- Information on the selection procedure used (no positive or negative discrimination)

Created in many research institutions, ethics commissions are sometimes criticised for their bureaucratic functioning. In order to avoid these abuses, the Ethics Commission intends to promote the self-regulation of research practices by making researchers aware of the problems that can arise from human experimentation.