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Promoting the social support network of vulnerable people

Coordinating and personalising care

Involving people in their own care


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The social support network of mentally or socially vulnerable people is essential to maintain them in the community and to provide them with continuity of care.

Based on many years of research activity on the topic, the Institute of Health and Society (IRSS) of the UCLouvain developed a care setting for professionals and patients that facilitates the inclusion of the social support network of the patient in the care provided. This setting, named EGONET, was supported by Epsylon, psychiatric care network in Brussels, and Brusano, coordination service for primary care in Brussels, and funded by Innoviris-Bridge. It is now available to you.

EGONET allows mapping the social support network of a person seeking for care and support. The mapping facilitates care coordination and personalised care. It also helps to identify support elements that deserve specific attention and highlights personal resources sometimes ignored by professionals.

If you want to know more, we kindly invite you to watch a short presentation video by clicking the link (In French). 

For any information, please contact Pablo Nicaise

The Egonet research and development team

Vincent Lorant (Academic Leader), Pablo Nicaise (Project Manager), François Wyngaerden et Hélène Garin (Researchers) – Institute of Health and Society (IRSS), UCLouvain

Sébastien d'Oreye de Lantremange (CERDECAM), Laurent Leleux (HE Leonard de Vinci) – Développeurs informatiques