Promoting social support network mapping with severe mentally ill patients to improve care coordination, patient involvement, and personalised care

Care for patients combining long-term mental, physical, and social issues require a good level of coordination between care providers, individualised care tailored to each situation, and the involvement of the patient and his/her social support network in care.
Therefore, a detailed knowledge about the social support network is key. Following the "Morpheus" project, the Egonet study aims to develop a routine intervention and tool in order to facilitate the collection, the description and visualisation, and the analysis of the social support network of patients, in order to improve the care coordination and to evaluate its effects.

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Team :
- Vincent Lorant (Coordinator)
- Pablo Nicaise (Manager)
- François Wyngaerden et Hélène Garin
- Sébastien d'Oreye de Lantremange (CERDECAM), Laurent Leleux (HE Leonard de Vinci) – Développeurs informatiques

Funded by: Innoviris, Région de Bruxelles-Capitale (Bridge) 2018-2021
Coordinator: IRSS-UCLouvain

Partners and sponsors: Institut Paul Lambin, CERDECAM, réseau de soins psychiatriques Epsylon, Brusano