International Law of Armed Conflict Team (EDICA)


The EDICA (Equipe de Droit International des Conflits Armés) was created in 2016 on the initiative of Professor Raphaël van Steenberghe, a qualified FNRS researcher. It brings together professors and researchers specializing in the law of armed conflict, otherwise known as international humanitarian law (IHL). As IHL does not evolve in a vacuum, EDICA is also interested in other disciplines of international law applicable in times of armed conflict, in particular international criminal law and international human rights law. The activities of the EDICA are divided into a research component and a teaching component.

Whether doctoral students or academics, all EDICA members carry out research on various subjects that are topical in the field. The Team's current areas of research are varied: detention in non-international armed conflicts, special agreements concluded by armed groups, the relationship between international humanitarian law and international criminal law, the scope of application of the law of non-international armed conflicts in the presence of extraterritorial conflicts and conflict transformation.

Although research is at the heart of the Team's concerns, the Team also enjoys sharing its experience with students of the Faculty of Law and Criminology and the general public. EDICA members teach several courses or practical work, are at the origin of an online course (MOOC) on the edX platform, organize conference cycles for students and support their participation in pleading competitions.