Research Team on European Laws and Migration (EDEM)


The EDEM is a research team created in 2011 as part of a research project funded by the European Refugee Fund and the UCL.

Since then, the EDEM continues to study European asylum and immigration rights and their implementation in Belgian law.
European rights are aimed at EU law and the case-law of the European Court of Human Rights. International law also plays a part in the reflections carried out, in particular when defining refugees and fundamental rights for the benefit of migrants.

The team works include the publication of books, the organization of seminars and conferences, the monthly publication of Cahiers (Case Law Commentaires) and the creation of a case law directory.


PALIM. This EU-funded project aims to address ICT labour shortages in the Flemish Region and Morocco. It aims to implement legal channels for immigration via employment... Keep reading.
ISEMI. A new research is beginning on the best interests of the child in a migratory context. The project combines two interrelated approaches: one targets jurisprudence and the other the social representations and professional practices of actors in the field. Keep reading.
VULNER. As part of the call MIGRATION-07-2019 (Horizon 2020): International protection of refugees in a comparative perspective. A new project has been created on the theme "Vulnerabilities under the global protection regime: How does the law assess, address, shape and produce the vulnerabilities of the protection seekers"? Keep reading.
The REDIAL project, co-funded by the European Commission and coordinated by the Migration Policy Centre (European University Institute), aims to promote and facilitate dialogue between national judges involved in return proceedings. Keep reading.
GLOBMIG is a 48-month project that aims at developing stronger conceptual tools to better understand and model global migration patterns, to anticipate future migration pressures, and to investigate the global implications of policy reforms... Keep reading.
The aim of this project is to examine the correlation between the Belgian and European legal frameworks on the one hand, and the agency of third-country nationals on the other hand.... Keep reading.
The UCL has created a consortium of researchers working on migration issues: Louvain4Migration. We are pleased with this new opportunity to work and reflect together. Synergies are essential for understanding the complex issues at the heart of migration.


The programme aims to strengthen the protection and resilience of migrants, IDPs and host communities. The specific objective of the intervention is to improve the access of migrants and refugees to their rights. EDEM is working with ULB to strengthen the capacity of legal clinics in Moroccan universities.

  The 1951 Refugee Convention is celebrating its 70th anniversary and  is more relevant than ever. To learn more about it, go to our online course ... Keep reading.


New MOOC. Better understanding of migration, its causes and impacts on host societies. This online course brings together the views of anthropologists, demographers, economists, psychologists, sociologists and lawyers on migration... Keep reading.
A "Rosa Parks Clinic" has been set up, through which students will replace their "theoretical" dissertation with a legal analysis, the subject of which is determined in collaboration with an NGO. The aim is to confront students with one or more current issues requiring applied research work.


Cahiers de l'EDEM - Louvain Migration Case Law Commentary

Each month, the Cahiers de l'EDEM propose to analyze decisions or new texts and to comment on them.

Just published : "20 ans après l'affaire Tabitha"

"20 ans après l'affaire Tabitha". New pens to analyze the detention of migrant children in the light of human rights The result of a beautiful collective project based on the quality memoirs...

EDEM : PALIM project , publication of the research report

Christine Flamand, Jean-Baptiste Farcy and Sylvie Saroléa participated in the PALIM project (ENABEL). Over two years, this pilot project initiated by the European Union, the International Centre...

Newly published : The External Dimension of EU Migration...

Newly published by Nomos "The External Dimension of EU Migration and Asylum Policies", containing a chapter that Francesco Luigi Gatta (EDEM) wrote, regarding Libya, resettlement and humanitarian...

RQDI Celebrates 70 Years of the European Convention on...

The Revue québécoise de droit international (RQDI) dedicates a special issue to the 70th anniversary of the ECHR. You will read, among other publications, the article by the professor...

Chaire Francqui opening lecture of Pr.Thomas Spijkerboer...

Pr. Thomas Spijkerboer is professor of Migration Law at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. The subject of the opening lecture is the following: Confronting the colonial structure of...

Article published on Strasbourg Observers site

Eleonora Frasca, PhD Researcher, Member of EDEM, just published an article on Strasbourg Observers site : M.A. v. Belgium: the (in)voluntary return of a Sudanese migrant and the dangers of...

Intensive School on Asylum and Migration Law

EDEM participates from November 23 to 27, 2020 in the first edition of the Intensive School on Asylum and Migration Law, in partnership with the University Mohamed I of Oujda. Technical...

Press release : Code de droit des migrations

Press release : le Code de droit des migrations Two volumes containing the main standards applicable in Belgian migration law. With the participation of several members of the EDEM.

Collective work: Making and Breaking Family Ties

In a collective work entitled Faire et défaire les liens familiaux, a publication edited by Laura Odasso and Aurélie Fillod-Chabaud, Sylvie Sarolea and Laura Merla question family reunification....

Press release: thesis of Trésor Maheshe Musole

Just out of the press, the thesis defended at UCLouvain by Trésor Maheshe Musole, now Professor at the Catholic University of Bukavu. Refugee status and political rights In search of a...

New Cahier du CERDHO

We maintain close ties with the Centre for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law of the Catholic University of Bukavu. We relay on our site their monthly notebooks.   Août...

New work : Het Migratiepact: kroniek van een crisis

A book entitled "Het Migratiepact: kroniek van een crisis" has just been published by Die Keure. It contains contributions from EDEM members Sylvie Sarolea, Eleonora Frasca and Francesco Gatta

VULNER : New Collective Volume

Hart and Nomos Publising proposes a collective volume entitled Humanitarian Admission to Europe: The Law between Promises and Constraints edited by Marie-Claire Foblets and VULNER scientific...