Treatises and Other Writings on Architecture


Colloquium: Treatises and Other Writings on Architecture

At the CIVA, rue de l'ermitage, 55 1050 Brussels, on the thirty-first of January and the first of February 2019.

For two thousand years, at least, many texts: treatises, books, lessons, manuals, manifestoes, articles, have been written on architecture. Together they compose the corpus of the theory of architecture. Since the current scholarly usage rejects any contribution older than five years, the major part of this corpus is doomed to obsolescence, and in the long term would only serve to satisfy the requirements and expectations of academics. Against such an amnesic science, the colloquium Treatise and Other Writings on Architecture has for purpose to make the theory of architecture’s corpus current and effective by showing, in action, how much resources for thinking it contains that can be used in many fields of knowledge or practice.

Fees :

  • Full fare, per day (lunch included): 50,00 euros.
  • Reduced fee for LOCI members, per day (lunch included): 30,00 euros.
  • Reduced fee for LOCI members, per day (lunch not included): 10,00 euros.
  • Student rate (coffee breaks included) : 0,00 euros.

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Scientific committee:

  • Pierre Caye (Centre Jean Pépin - ENS Paris - CNRS)
  • Cécile Chanvillard (laa - UCLouvain)
  • Pierre Cloquette (laa - UCLouvain)
  • Adi Efal (Lille III)
  • Olga Medvedkova  (Centre Jean Pépin - ENS Paris - CNRS)
  • Renaud Pleitinx (laa - UCLouvain)
  • Jean Stillemans (laa - UCLouvain)
  • Catherine Titeux (LIFAM - ENSA Montpellier)


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