In detail

Bruxelles Woluwe

The aim of the research of the Advanced Drug Delivery and Biomaterials research group is to develop new delivery systems for unmet medical and pharmaceutical needs that address two main challenges for the pharmaceutical industry, namely the delivery of i) biotech-based drugs (proteins, vaccines, nucleic acids) and ii) poorly water soluble drugs. After the definition of an unmet need, a hypothesis or mechanism‐driven approach is used to design new drug delivery systems. A proof of concept is provided. The scientific approach is multidisciplinary and mechanistic-driven.
It involves: i) the development of new formulations, ii) their physico‐chemical characterization, iii) the demonstration of their efficacy and safety in vitro and in vivo, iv) the understanding of their mechanisms of action and of their interactions with biological systems.

Based on the expertise of the different principal investigators within the group, we develop the following research themes.