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December 20, 2021

Open position for a PhD student on persistence of intracellular infection in the team of F. Van Bambeke

Our laboratory is interested in so-called "persistent" infections, i.e. infections refractory to antibiotic treatment. More specifically, we study specific forms of infections (such as intracellular infections) and try to understand the reasons why they do not respond to antibiotic treatments.

The thesis project will aim at studying the intracellular survival of E. coli in the presence of antibiotics, in particular in in-vitro pharmacodynamic models allowing to mimic the fluctuations of antibiotic concentrations observed in-vivo (according to the pharmacokinetic profile of the drugs).
The topic of the thesis is part of a large project including laboratories of 4 Belgian universities and one laboratory in Germany. Exchanges between these laboratories are planned.

Required skills : microbiology, pharmacology, molecular and cellular biology.

Other requirements : knowledge of English, mobility between laboratories in Belgium or abroad, capacity to work in a team, autonomy and creativity.

Diploma : master (120 credits) in pharmaceutical or biomedical sciences or similar discipline; obtained with honors (> 70%)

Starting of the project : early 2022 ; financing for 4 years.

Interested? Send your CV, including your academic degrees, a cover letter and if possible a letter of recommendation before 30/12/2021 to Prof Françoise Van Bambeke (

A few publications related to the project:

- Uropathogenic Escherichia coli shows antibiotic tolerance and growth heterogeneity in an in-vitro model of intracellular infection. Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 2021; 65(12):e0146821 (link here).
- Intracellular Staphylococcus aureus persisters upon antibiotic exposure. Nature Communications (2020) 11:2200 (link here)


December 10, 2021

PhD student position at UCLouvain, Brussels, Belgium - Drug delivery systems for activating the immune response against glioblastoma

The “Biomedical Magnetic Resonance” and the “Advanced Drug Delivery” research groups of the Louvain Drug Research Institute (UCLouvain, Brussels) are seeking for a PhD student with a pharmaceutical and/or biomedical background to carry out a PhD thesis on advanced drug delivery systems able to activate the immune response against glioblastoma.

This PhD position is funded by the transnational EuroNanoMed III (European Economic Community) project “Radiotherapy-Activated Immunomodulating Niches” (RAIN).

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October 11, 2021

An academic position is open within the LDRI.
All the information by following the link:


March 04, 2021

The team of Medicinal Chemistry (CMFA) of the Louvain Drug Research Institute (LDRI) at UCLouvain, Brussels, Belgium, is looking for a chemical biologist to contribute to the development of chemical biology tools to probe the acyl-CoA synthetase long-chain 4 (ACSL4) enzyme and establish the potential link between ACSL4, ferroptosis and neurodegenerative diseases.

More information can be found here or obtained upon request at


January 08,2021

L’UCLouvain recherche un·e coordinateur·trice en Recherche Clinique pour le projet groupe de recherche en médecine générale du Centre Académique en Médecine Générale (CAMG) - Institut de Recherche Santé et Société (IRSS).

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January 05, 2021

Annonce pour un poste vacant à l'Université Libre de Bruxelles.

Date limite de dépôt des candidatures: 31/03/2021


December 22, 2020

Voici les annonces pour le poste de Technologue de laboratoire CDI 35% en LDRI et CDR 40% en FASB, disponibles jusqu’au 17/01/2021 inclus.


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