Advanced Drug Delivery and Biomaterials (ADDB)

Bruxelles Woluwe

The objective of our research is to use drug delivery systems and biomaterials as a mean to improve therapeutic outcomes of drugs. We develop drug delivery systems going from nano-scale, through micro-scale up to macro-scale (Figure 1A).

Our different research applications can be gathered into two research themes (Figure 1B):

Figure 1: A. Drug delivery systems and biomaterials developed/used by the ADDB group; B. Biomedical applications

1. Nanomedicines:

a. Cancer: this theme focuses on targeted theranostic nanoparticles loaded with anticancer drugs or siRNA, adjuvanted recombinant antigens and gene vaccines.

b. Mucosal delivery routes: this theme includes the research on oral delivery using nanomedicines, cutaneous delivery and pulmonary delivery.

c. CNS diseases: the objective is to develop nanomedicines that would stimulate CNS repair by local, systemic, or mucosal delivery.

2. Regenerative medicine: this theme focuses on tissue regeneration and restoration and gathers the research on spinal cord regeneration, dental restoration and skin wound healing.