Biomedical Magnetic Resonance (REMA)

Bruxelles Woluwe

The goal of this research team is to carry out fundamental and pre-clinical research in biomedical magnetic resonance (NMR or Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, EPR or Electron Paramagnetic Resonance, and DNP or Dynamic Nuclear Polarization).

The research involves the development of innovative tools using advanced technologies, and the application of these tools to understand physiology and physiopathology, with a special interest in oncology.

The major theme of the REMA Group is to understand how the tumor microenvironment influences the response to anti-cancer treatments, to identify early non-invasive markers of tumor response to treatment, and to identify metabolic shifts driving resistance to anti-cancer therapy. For that purpose, three main areas of research involve: (a) the development of tools for monitoring the tumor microenvironment by MR techniques, (b) the application of MR techniques to characterize the tumor microenvironment, and (c) the validation of early non-invasive surrogate markers of tumor response to treatment.