Bioanalysis and Pharmacology of Bioactive Lipids (BPBL)

Bruxelles Woluwe



The overall aim of the group is to identify novel lipid-related therapeutic targets amenable to pharmacological modulation.

Our group is interested in understanding the roles of lipid mediators both in physiological and pathological situations mainly related to inflammation.

Besides their role as essential constituents of biological membranes, numerous lipids possess biological activities and behave as transmitters or mediators. A large proportion of these “bioactive lipids” act by binding to and activating their own receptors, and have their levels tightly regulated by specific enzymes.

The endocannabinoids and the oxysterols, two of our major research interests, are prime examples of such bioactive lipid signaling systems.

We investigate the role of bioactive lipids,

  • by setting up mass spectrometry-based methods allowing the quantification of their endogenous levels
  • by interrogating the role of selected bioactive lipids in cellular and in vivo models of inflammation-related diseases.

Dr Alhouayek was very recently appointed Research associate of the FRS-FNRS and will lead research in the field of inflammation resolution.