Bruxelles Woluwe


Bausart Mathilde
Combined local chemotherapy and immunotherapy with systemic vaccination for the treatment of glioblastoma.
Director: Véronique Préat (ADDB/LDRI)

Beauquis Julien
Understanding and management of the mechanisms of pulp inflammation.
Director: Gaëtane Leloup (ADDB/LDRI); Co-Director: Julian Leprince (ADDB/LDRI)

Conq Jérôme
Strategies for a transient opening of the blood brain barrier to increase the delivery of nanomedicines to glioblastoma.
Director: Bernard Gallez (REMA/LDRI); Co-Director: Véronique Préat (ADDB/LDRI)

Debuisson Floriane
Mesenchymal stem cells delivery in hybrid spheroids for treatment of spinal cord injury: innovative formulation and pre-clinical perspectives.”
Director: Anne des Rieux (ADDB/LDRI)

Gilli Mathieu
Paving the way for tomorrow’s dentistry with hydrogel-based strategies for pulp tissue regeneration.
Director: Gaëtane Leloup (ADDB/LDRI); Co-Director: Julian Leprince (ADDB/LDRI)

Gratpain Viridiane
Non-invasive delivery of activin A-loaded extracellular vesicles to stimulate remyelination in the central nervous system.
Director: Anne des Rieux (ADDB/LDRI)

Hollaert Thibaut
Optimization of dentin-substitute materials.
Director: Gaëtane Leloup (ADDB/LDRI); Co-Director: Julian Leprince (ADDB/LDRI)

Kambale Kavungere Espoir
Nanocapsules lipidiques à base de nanoparticules d’oxyde de zinc biosynthetisées à partir d’extraits de plantes congolaises pour le traitement du diabète mellitus de type 2
Director: Ana Beloqui (ADDB/LDRI); Co-directors: Joëlle Leclercq (GNOS/LDRI), MEMVANGA BONDO Patrick (UNIKIN)

Ladeiro Domingues Inês
Exploiting the biological effect exerted by nanocarriers in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease treatment.
Director: Ana Beloqui (ADDB/LDRI); Co-Director: Isabelle Leclercq (GAEN/IREC)

Lasserre Jérôme
Evaluation of new strategies to control dental biofilms and related diseases.
Director: Michel Brecx (MEDE); Co-Director: Gaëtane Leloup (ADDB/LDRI)

Leone Giuditta
Design of a long-acting vasodilator nanomedicine for inhalation in pulmonary arterial hypertension.
Director: Rita Vanbever (ADDB/LDRI) - Co-Director: Raphaël Frédérick (CMFA/LDRI)

Marotti Valentina
Gene silencing of TNFα in inflammatory bowel disease treatment through a dual-shielding strategy via bioadhesive beads”.
Director: Ana Beloqui (ADDB/LDRI); Co-Director: Alessio Malfanti (ADDB/LDRI)

Mwema Ariane
Nose-to-Brain Delivery of Nanomedicines to stimulate remyelination in the scope of multiple sclerosis.
Director: Anne des Rieux (ADDB/LDRI); Co-Director: Giulio Muccioli (ADDB/LDRI)

Redeghieri Paola
Nanobodies to target proteases involved in inflammatory diseases of the lungs
Director: Mireille Dumoulin (Center for protein engineering, ULiège); Co-Director: Rita Vanbever (ADDB/LDRI)

Wang Mingchao
Nanomedicine for the treatment of glioblastoma
Director: Véronique Préat (ADDB/LDRI); Co-Director: Chiara Bastiancich (ADDB/LDRI)

Zhang Wunan
Local delivery of an anti-TNF-α monoclonal antibody in the treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases using foam-based drug delivery system
Director: Ana Beloqui (ADDB/LDRI)