Bruxelles Woluwe


Sophie Leclercq

Prize awarded by the Belgian Association for the Study of the Liver( BASL) for the best oral presentation during the Belgian Week of Gastroenterology (BWGE), Antwerp, Belgium, 2020

“Role of the gut microbiota in the modulation of the gut-liver-brain axis in alcohol use disorders: proof of concept with the focal microbiota transplantation".

Julie Rodriguez

Prize for the best oral presentation of an e-Poster during the Belgian Week of Gastroenterology (BWGE), Antwerp, Belgium, 2020

“Discovery of the gut microbial signature driving the efficacy of prebiotic intervention on liver steatosis”

Julie Rodriguez

Prix décerné par la Société Belge de Nutrition Clinique (SBNC) pour le meilleur abstract belge francophone présenté au congrès ESPEN 2019 à Cracovie:

« Synergie d’action entre une supplémentation en prébiotiques de type inuline et l’activité physique durant l’obésité?» (Belgique, 2020)


Laure Bindels

Pharmabiotics Young Investigators Award 2018

Sarah Pötgens

Best oral communication Award at the 9th annual meeting of the Belgian Nutrition Society 2019

Patrice D. Cani, Nathalie M. Delzenne, Amandine Everard, Audrey Neyrinck,

Highly cited researcher 2019, Clarivate analytics Web of Sciences

Nathalie M Delzenne

Sir Cuthbertson Lecture- selected upon outstanding contribution in nutrition research- ESPEN 2019.

Audrey Neyrinck

Prize of the Belgian Society of Clinical Nutrition 2019 (the best abstract selected at ESPEN 2018)

Patrice D. Cani

Prize Paris MATCH of the National TV RTBF “Matière grise) for “The ability of popularization Science work”

Patrice D. Cani

Award for Excellence in Biomedical Research and Creativity from the joint scientific committee of the Academies of Medicine of Belgium and France, and the Council of the JA DeSève Research Chair