Bruxelles Woluwe

Selected publications


  1. Mutemberezi V, Buisseret B, Masquelier J, Guillemot-Legris O, Alhouayek M, Muccioli GG.
    Oxysterol levels and metabolism in the course of neuroinflammation: insights from in vitro and in vivo models.
    J. Neuroinflammation (2018), 15:74
  2. Guillemot-Legris O, Buisseret B, Mutemberezi V, Hermans E, Deumens R, Alhouayek M, Muccioli GG.
    Post-operative pain in mice is prolonged by diet-induced obesity and rescued by dietary intervention.
    Brain Behav Immun. (2018), 74:96-105
  3. Guillemot-Legris O, Mutemberezi V, Buisseret B, Paquot A, Palmieri V, Bottemanne P, Lemaire J, Rahier JF, Alhouayek M, Muccioli GG
    Colitis alters oxysterol metabolism and is affected by 4βhydroxycholesterol administration.
    J Crohns Colitis. (2018) 
  4. Alhouayek M, Bottemanne P, Subramanian KV, Lambert DM, Makriyannis A, Cani PD, Muccioli GG.
    NAcylethanolamine-hydrolyzing acid amidase inhibition increases colon Npalmitoylethanolamine levels and counteracts murine colitis.
    FASEB J (2015), 29(2):650-61.
  5. Alhouayek M., Masquelier J., Cani P.D., Lambert D.M., Muccioli G.G.
    Implication of the anti-inflammatory bioactive lipid prostaglandin D2-glycerol ester in the control of macrophage activation and inflammation by ABHD6. 
    Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. (2013), 110: 17558-17563.