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Selected publications

Bottemanne P, Guillemot-Legris O, Paquot A, Masquelier J, Malamas M, Makriyannis A, Alhouayek M, Muccioli GG.
N-Acylethanolamine-Hydrolyzing Acid Amidase Inhibition, but Not Fatty Acid Amide Hydrolase Inhibition, Prevents the Development of Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis in Mice.
Neurotherapeutics. (2021) ;18(3):1815- 1833

Bottemanne, Pauline ; Paquot, Adrien ; Ameraoui, Hafsa ; Guillemot-Legris, Owein ; Al Houayek, Mireille ; Muccioli, Giulio. 
25-Hydroxycholesterol metabolism is altered by lung inflammation, and its local administration modulates lung inflammation in mice. 
FASEB journal (2021), Vol. 35, no.4, p. e21514 [1-19] 

Buisseret, Baptiste ; Guillemot-Legris, Owein ; Ben Kouidar, Youssef ; Paquot, Adrien ; Muccioli, Giulio ; Al Houayek, Mireille. 
Effects of R-flurbiprofen and the oxygenated metabolites of endocannabinoids in inflammatory pain mice models.
The FASEB Journal (2021), Vol. 35, no. 4, p. e21411 [1-16]

Guillemot-Legris O, Mutemberezi V, Buisseret B, Paquot A, Palmieri V, Bottemanne P, Lemaire J, Rahier JF, Alhouayek M, Muccioli GG.
Colitis alters oxysterol metabolism and is affected by 4β-hydroxycholesterol administration.
J Crohns Colitis. (2019), 13(2):218-229

Guillemot-Legris O, Buisseret B, Mutemberezi V, Hermans E, Deumens R, Alhouayek M, Muccioli GG.
Post-operative pain in mice is prolonged by diet-induced obesity and rescued by dietary intervention.
Brain Behav Immun. (2018), 74:96-105