Bruxelles Woluwe

Selected publications

Freire R.T., Bero J., Beaufay, C., Selegato A., Coquerio A., Choi Y.H., Quetin-Leclercq J.
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Beaufay C., Henry, G., Streel C., Bony E., Herent MF., Bero J., Quetin-Leclercq J.
Optimization and validation of extraction and quantification methods of antimalarial triterpenic esters in Keetia leucantha plant and plasma.
J. Chrom B (2019) 1104, 109-118

Le TB, Beaufay C, Pham T.A., Nghiem DT, Mingeot-Leclercq MP, Quetin-Leclercq J.
Evaluation of the antitrypanosomal activity of Vietnamese essential oils, with emphasis on Curcuma lonoga L. and its components.
Molecules (2019) ;24(6),1158, 1-13

Beaufay C, Hérent MF, Quetin-Leclercq J, Bero J.
In vivo anti-malarial activity and toxicity studies of triterpenic esters isolated form Keetia leucantha and crude extracts.
Malar J. (2017) Oct 10; 16(1):406-413

Catteau L., Reichmann NT, Olson,J. Pinho MG, Nizet V.,Van Bambeke F., Quetin-Leclercq J.
Synergy between Ursolic and Oleanolic Acids from Vitellaria paradoxa Leaf Extract and β-Lactams against Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus: In Vitro and In Vivo Activity and Underlying Mechanisms.
Molecules. (2017) Dec 16;22(12)

Bero J., Beaufay C., Hannaert V., Hérent M.F., Michels P.A., Quetin-Leclercq J.
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Phytomedicine (2013), 20: 270-274