Bruxelles Woluwe

  • Inducible cell specific deletion of genes involved in the innate immune system and bioactive lipids
    Prof. Cani’s team has developed several Cre/Lox models, that is mouse harbouring cell-specific inducible deletion of genes related to the innate immune system or bioactive lipids in adipocytes, intestinal epithelial cells or hepatocytes.
  • Intestinal organoids
    This model provides a convenient in vitro organotypic tridimensional culture system for studying both intestinal epithelium (small and large intestine). Cani’s team also developed organoids with inducible intestinal epithelial cell specific deletion of genes.
  • Precision cut liver slices
    This model allows to evaluate in vitro the effect of bacterial derived components on the different hepatic cell types involved in the control of host metabolic and immune homeostasis.