Bruxelles Woluwe

Theses in progress

Amadieu Camille
Gut brain interactions in the context of alcohol-dependence
Directors: Nathalie M. Delzenne, Philippe de Timary, and Sophie Leclercq

Bachmann Radu
Impact of the gut microbiota on colorectal surgery
Directors: Patrice D. Cani and Alex Kartheuser

Degraeve Alexandra
Tacrolimus pharmacokinetic pathway and microbiota: study of the complex bidirectional partnership for explaining metabolic variability and modulations
Directors: Laure Elens and Laure B. Bindels

Depommier Clara
Evaluation of the impact of Akkermansia muciniphila on the metabolic syndrome: pre-clinical and clinical investigations
Directors: Patrice D. Cani and Amandine Everard

Gillard Justine
Role of bile acids in the pathogenesis of the non-alcoholic steatohepatitis in foz/foz mice
Directors: Isabelle Leclercq and Laure B. Bindels

Gourgue Florian
Obesity and breast cancer, role of the adipokine apelin in the tumor progression and response to anti-cancer therapy
Directors: Bénédicte Jordan and Patrice D. Cani.

de Wouters Alice
Roles of gut microbes in the gut-to-brain axis controlling hedonic/reward responses to food intake in physiological condition and in the pathology of obesity
Directors: Amandine Everard and Patrice D. Cani

Huwart Sabrina
Roles of gut microbiota induced neuroinflammation on hedonic and food reward alterations during obesity.”
Directors: Amandine Everard

Lefort Charlotte
Interactions between the hepatic endocannabinoid system and gut microbes: impact on the metabolic syndrome
Director: Patrice D. Cani.

Moens de Hase Emilie
Investigation of the effects of newly discovered bacteria Dysosmobacter welbionis on metabolism and inflammation
Director: Patrice D. Cani

Paone Paola
Studying and modulating mucosal-gut microbiota interface: impact on the pathophysiology of obesity, diabetes and cardiometabolic disorders
Director: Patrice D. Cani

Pötgens Sarah
Using NMR metabolomics to unravel the pathways underlying the gut microbiota-host crosstalk in cancer cachexia
Director: Laure B. Bindels

Rastelli Marialetizia
Gut to brain axis and energy metabolism: impact of the gut microbiota and intestinal bioactive lipids
Director: Patrice D. Cani.

Stevens Philippe
Microbiome and tumor immune micro-environment: characterization and interaction during progression and treatment of advanced and metastatic colorectal cancer
Directors: Marc Van den Eynde and Patrice D. Cani

Thibaut Morgane
Evaluation of the role of bile acids in cancer cachexia
Director: Laure B. Bindels

Uwimana Aline
Impact of nutrition on the outcome of malaria infection.
Directors: Léon Mutesa and Amandine Everard

Yalek Caner
Impact of bioactive lipids on tumor cell metabolism and cancer progression: novel insight from the gut microbiota
Directors: Bénédicte Jordan and Patrice D. Cani.