PhD Programs


The LSM PhD program is a 3rd cycle educational program under the Bologna treaty, comprising 180 ECTS composed of:

  • A research training program (60 ECTS) 
  • The definition, editing and defense of a doctoral dissertation (120 ECTS)

The program is open to holders of recognized Master’s degrees. The degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is conveyed after the defense of a PhD thesis that should outline the quality and originality of the research as well as the candidate’s ability to communicate about his/her area of expertise.

The doctoral program is subsidized by the Belgian state, implying that the total tuition, payable at definitive admission, amounts to €835 (2014/2015) and the annual administrative fees are low, €32 (2014/2015) to be paid each year until the defense of the PhD thesis. Specific tuition reductions are possible in some specific cases. For detailed information regarding the financing of the PhD, please visit the following page.

New Regulations for the Doctoral School in Management 

Working Conditions

LSM PhD students are provided with offices from the first year of the program on. They also benefit from a wide range of university facilities (library, computers, etc).

The working language within the Center for Studies in Asset Management (CESAM) is English. 

Application Procedure

The LSM PhD program aims at attracting the best students from Belgium and abroad. Applicants need to have a recognized Master's degree (at least 300 ECTS) or a degree deemed to be equivalent by the Admission Committee.

A candidate is admissible into the PhD program on the following conditions that are verified and approved by the LSM Doctoral Bureau:

  • Completion of a Master’s degree in Management with honors or equivalent, terminating undergraduate and graduate university studies of at least 300 ECTS. A student with a Master’s degree obtained with honors or equivalent in a different field may be granted access after validating up to 60 ECTS of graduate coursework in Management or equivalent.
  • Proficiency in English (a good TOEFL score, a semester at an English-speaking university or equivalent may be required).
  • Acceptance by a LSM faculty member to act as a temporary supervisor (mentor) for a specific theme or topic.

The quality of being a PhD candidate in the LSM PhD program does not imply any employment situation within the institution. 


For more information regarding the PhD Program, please contact Jennifer Van den Abbeele.



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