Recent Publications

Journal Articles

1. Clausse, Emilien; Herr, Donovan; Vrins, Frédéric. Migration to the PRIIPs framework: what impact on the European risk indicator of UCITS funds ?. In: Revue Bancaire et Financière, (2022). (Accepté/Sous presse).

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3. Gambetti, Paolo; Roccazzella, Francesco; Vrins, Frédéric. Optimal and robust combination of forecasts via constrained optimization and shrinkage. In: International Journal of Forecasting, Vol. 38, no. 1, p. 97-116 (2022). doi:10.1016/j.ijforecast.2021.04.002.

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5. Torsin, Wouter; Thewissen, James; Özgür Arslan-Ayaydin. Earnings Management Methods and CEO Political Affiliation. In: Comptabilite Contrôle Audit, (2022). (Accepté/Sous presse).

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13. Vrins, Frédéric; Sagna, Abass; Mbaye, Cheikh. A general firm-value model under partial information. In: The Journal of Computational Finance, (2022). (Accepté/Sous presse).

14. Chen, Shimin; Thewissen, James; Ni, Serene Xu; Arslan-Ayaydin, Özgür. Is cross-listing a panacea for improving earnings quality? The case of H- and B-share firms in China. In: International Review of Financial Analysis, Vol. 81, p. 102113 (2022). doi:10.1016/j.irfa.2022.102113 (Accepté/Sous presse).

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17. D'Hondt, Catherine; Roger, Tristan; Merli, Maxime. What drives retail portfolio exposure to ESG factors?. In: Finance Research Letters, Vol. 46, no. Part B, p. 102470 (2022). doi:10.1016/ (Accepté/Sous presse).

18. Duterme, Tom. Ira Oscar Glick: At the crossroads of the sociologies of financial markets. In: Finance and Society, Vol. 8, no.1, p. 78-84 (2022). doi:10.2218/finsoc.7128.

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Book Chapters

1. Lecourt, Christelle; Laly, Floris; Aloy, Marcel; Laurent, Sébastien. Modeling Time-Varying Conditional Betas. A Comparison of Methods with Application for REITs. In: Recent Econometric Techniques for Macroeconomic and Financial Data (Dynamic Modeling and Econometrics in Economics and Finance; xxx), Springer, 2021, p. 229-264. 978-3-030-54254-2. xxx xxx.