Bioinformatics platform


The platform's goak is to collaborate throughput the scientific community at the UCLouvain and offer technical and methodological bioinformatics support, including, among others:

  • support the bioinformatics aspects of grant proposals and experimental designs
  • high throughput omics data analysis such as genomics, epigenetics and transcriptomics (RNASeq or microarrays) or mass spectrometry based proteomics and metabolomics
  • help in utilisation of public databases (TCGA, Gtex, CCLE, ENCODE, ...)
  • development of dedicated algorithms and software.

The platform also organises workshops in data analysis and bioinformatics to introduce particpants to widely used languages such as R, and get them started in the analysis of their own omics data.

For additional information and any collaboration requests, please contact us by email at describing your needs, including, if data is already available, the underlying technology and experimental design.

Prof Laurent Gatto
Mr Theo Killian
Dr Axelle Loriot

CBIO - de Duve Institute - UCLouvain
Avenue Hippocrate, 75 - bte B1.74.10
1200 Brussels, Belgium