CIRFASE Louvain-La-Neuve


Our research thematics are developed along two main streams :

Stream 1: Ages, life cycles and life courses

This approach is developed around 4 thematic lines. Childhood and adolescence (LT1), Ageing (LT2), Mobilities and Social ties (LT3), Articulating the professional sphere and the family sphere (LT4).

Stream 2: Family and sexual norms, morals and models

This approach is delineated around 5 thematic lines. The (re)composition of norms (LT5), The relationship between licit and transgressive practices (LT6), Social reactions to sexual violence (LT7), Interculturality (LT8).

Our research projects

Cirfase carries out research projects funded by European and Belgian organisations, alone or in partnership with other research centres and universities.

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