Louvain4Ageing: a multidisciplinary research platform on the challenges of population ageing

It promotes a dynamic of exchange and study across the university’s three sectors and federates talented and dedicated UCLouvain researchers who study key life transitions and what it takes to age well. Louvain4Ageing is part of the Louvain4 interdisciplinary research initiative, which aims at meeting the great challenges of our time.

Research areas 

The members of Louvain4Ageing conduct projects in: 

  • demography, economics, sociology, psychology, ethics and the linguistics of ageing;
  • ageing-related public policy (e.g. the future of pensions and the extension of careers...);
  • cellular health and ageing;
  • neuroscience (Alzheimer’s and neurodegenerative diseases);
  • new technologies: sensors, geotracking, bionics;
  • public health.

Recent projects comprise: 

  • 4LNA, Living Lab Louvain-la-Neuve for Ageing: A study platform for life transitions after 50. It aims to use research and education to maximum benefit for society.
  • Ageing Workforces and Firms' Productivity: A study of the impact of ageing workforces on the performance of firms (BELSPO report)
  • BIONICS: A project to develop active protheses and rehabilitation robotics for an ageing society. Led by Louvain Bionics, a leading multidisciplinary centre in Europe.
  • CAREGIVER²: An interdisciplinary project that brings together doctors, biologists and sociologists in order to assess the health of home-based caregivers of the elderly and infirm.