Living together better

Urbanisation and metropolitanisation comprise a strategic challenge identified by UCLouvain. Louvain4City is the Louvain4 platform that addresses it.

Louvain4City is a multidisciplinary platform that sees cities and metropolises as the beating hearts of technological, technical, sociological, political and human development. At the helm? A growing team of UCLouvain researchers are exploring current and future issues related to urbanisation and living together. Louvain4City is part of the Louvain4 interdisciplinary research initiative, which aims to meet the great challenges of our time.

Research areas

Louvain4City develops projects in:

  • urban planning and development;
  • transport and energy;
  • health;
  • heritage and history;
  • demographic, sociological, cultural, ethnic, political, religious, philosophical evolution.

Some of Louvain4City’s projects:

  • Citylab: Development of neighbourhood urban biology laboratories and a mobile laboratory (in partnership with Médecins du Monde) to care for patients suffering from chronic diseases.
  •  Metrolab Brussels



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